Probe Guard

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  • Probe Guard
  • Probe Guard
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The REOTEMP Probe Guard is an accessory for your Heavy Duty compost thermometer. It is designed to guard the stem of your compost thermometer from bending and also to keep the dial from getting damaged during insertion. The probe guard is made in the USA. It consists of a long stainless steel sheath and a painted steel handle. The rugged sheath has an outside diameter of roughly 1/2", giving the guard strength. The sheath is hollow allowing you to insert your Heavy Duty thermometer inside the guard. The thermometer will then screw into the handle securely. The last two inches of your thermometer will extend out of the tip of the guard allowing you to maintain a quick response time.

  • The probe guard is extremely durable and is recommended for harsh composting operations.

What is the compatability of the Probe Guard with Reotemp Compost Thermometers?


TOUGH Heavy Duty Model
TOUGHER Super Duty Model w/ Fast Response Tip
TOUGHEST Heavy Duty Model combined with a protective Probe Guard Sheath.
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