• Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer

    Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer

    $99.00 - $259.00
    The REOTEMP Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer is well suited to larger compost piles where a more rugged probe is needed. With its 5/16" diameter stem, it is strong enough for even an industrial...
  • Backyard Compost Thermometer

    Backyard Compost Thermometer

    A REOTEMP FG20P Backyard Compost Thermometer takes the guesswork out of composting. With a basic understanding of the temperature at the center of your compost pile you will know: When to Turn...
  • Probe Handle

    Probe Handle

    The REOTEMP FM-0 Probe Handle is a great accessory to add to your Heavy Duty or Super Duty Compost Thermometer. Built to stand the test of time, the probe guard handle will last for many years. It...