Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle

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  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
  • Backyard Pro Kitchen Bundle
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The Backyard Pro Bundle is the perfect gift for the beginner composter with a larger compost pile. This bundle contains one 24" or 36" backyard pro compost thermometer, a FM-0 probe handle and one 24" moisture meter. Choose from a 24" or 36" backyard pro.

  • Backyard Pro Fahrenheit 24" or 36" Compost Thermometer
  • Moisture Meter 24"
  • Probe Handle
  • White or Grey Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Compost Bin


Backyard Pro

The Reotemp Backyard Pro Compost Thermometer takes the guesswork out of composting. It's large 2.5" dial is easy to read and tells you how your compost is doing at a glance - Steady, Active or Hot. It's perfect for larger backyard piles that require a longer and more heavy duty thermometer. With it's 5/16" diameter stem it's sure to hold up long-term and it's 24 to 36" length it can easily reach the center of larger piles. A digital PDF compost guide is included with your purchase to help you get started. The head of the thermometer features a glass lens that will not yellow over time and is hermetically sealed so you can leave it in the pile. This model features an adjustable calibration screw and 1 year limited warranty. This product is compatible with Reotemp brand FM-0 or FM-0S probe handles.

  • 24" or 36" Stem Length, Rugged All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 5/16" Diameter Heavy Duty Stem
  • PDF Compost Guide Included with Purchase
  • 2.5" Hermetically Sealed Dial (Won't Fog Up)
  • 0 to 200 Fahrenheit Dial Range
  • Read at a Glance Dial: Fahrenheit with 3 Temperature Zones that Indicate Compost Activity - Steady, Active and Hot


24" Moisture Meter

The REOTEMP Long Stem Moisture Meter (MMXX) measures the moisture content of your soil or compost pile by means of a sensor at the bottom of the probe. While composting or gardening you often may wonder: How wet's your soil?™ Now you will know and be able to more efficiently compost, garden or simply know if your plants need more water. The 0 to 10 scale of the Moisture Meter indicates a relative "wetter" or "dryer". Note: the probe will not display a percent moisture. The probe is sensitive only at the tip. Calibration instructions are conveniently printed on the side of the meter head so you never lose them. The Moisture Meter has a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Easy to Operate
  • Long Stem Lengths from 24" to 60", with a Thick 5/16" Diameter Stem
  • Rugged Metal Construction
  • Calibrates to Your Soil or Compost, 0-10 Wetness Scale
  • Probe Handle Allows for a Firm Grip
  • Powered by One AAA Battery (Included)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


The meter must first be calibrated by taking a sample of your compost or soil and adding water to the sample until it's at your "ideal" moisture level. Then you must adjust the calibration screw on the back of the dial until it reaches "5" on the 0-10 scale. Now that your meter is calibrated, when you come back again to check your compost or soil you'll know if it's too dry or too wet. If the reading is above "5" it's too wet, if it's below "5" it's too dry.


The meter reads "wetness" by measuring electrical conductivity, which is sensitive to salt content. If the salt content of your compost varies between testing locations, it could result in inconsistent readings. The meter is intended to give you a good idea of whether or not the center of your pile is too dry or too wet without having to dig deep into the pile for a "squeeze test".


Probe Handle

The REOTEMP FM-0 Probe Handle is a great accessory to add to your Heavy Duty or Super Duty Compost Thermometer. Built to stand the test of time, the probe guard handle will last for many years. It gives you something to safely grab onto, as you push the probe into a pile and when you go to retrieve it. The Probe Handle is easy to install. It just threads onto the back of the dial. Compatible with all Heavy Duty and Super Duty with Fast Response models. Please note that the FM-0 is not compatible with our FG20P model. The FM-0 Probe Handle comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Makes Insertion and Removal of REOTEMP Compost Probes Easier and Safer
  • Rugged Metal Construction Protects the Dial
  • Compatible with all REOTEMP Heavy Duty and Super Duty Compost Thermometer Models
  • Bright Color Makes the Probe Easier To Locate in a Pile
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

What is the compatability of the FM-0 Probe Handle with Reotemp Compost Thermometers?



How does the probe guard handle attach to the compost thermometer?

There is a 1/2" threaded connection on the underside of the Heavy Duty and Super Duty Fast Response models. The probe guard handle slides up the stem and onto the threads on the back of the dial, holding it securely in place.

You now have a sturdy handle to push your probe into the pile and pull it back out. The probe guard handle keeps you from grabbing onto the dial face, which is not recommended and can cause damage to your probe.

Will the probe guard handle fit the thermometers I purchased in the past?

Yes. Our Heavy Duty and Super Duty with Fast Response models aways have threaded connections on the back of the dial. 

Note: the backyard model is not compatible with the probe guard handle. It's shorter 20" stem is less prone to bending and doesn't require a probe guard handle.


Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Compost Bin

The Reotemp KCBB Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Compost Bin is made from a renewable bamboo fiber material. Use this bin to gather your kitchen food scraps before adding them to your compost pile. The bin includes a charcoal filter in the lid to help trap odors and keep pests out. It's the perfect size for your kitchen countertop and features attractive natural materials.

  • Made from a renewable bamboo fiber material in an off grey color
  • Gather your kitchen food scraps before adding them to your compost pile
  • Charcoal filter in the lid to help trap odors and keep pests out
  • The perfect size for your kitchen countertop: 7.2 x 7.2 x 7.7 inches



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